Types of Dental Braces

More adults use dental braces than ever before to correct misaligned, crooked teeth and other similar issues. When you visit the dentist to discuss dental braces, he’ll make sure that you are a good candidate for dental braces hemet and discuss the types available. Although most people can choose the type of braces they prefer, dental restrictions may be in place that limit your choices. Your dentist will discuss this with you during the initial consultation. The types of dental braces most commonly available include:

·    Metal Braces: Metal braces are inexpensive, though they’re quite visible to others. They may also cause irritation when first wearing the braces. You must also monitor the foods that you eat and may need to avoid hard foods.

·    Ceramic Braces: Ceramic braces are costlier than metal braces, but they blend with the teeth so others cannot see them. Choose from white metal or clear elastic ties. The braces won’t stain, although discoloration is common.  Chipping s also common.

·    Lingual Braces: Lingual braces are customized to the wearer’s mouth. They’re invisible so no one else can see them. They’re costlier than ceramic and metal braces. They’re not suitable for small teeth and can get in the way of the tongue, which may cause speech problems.

dental braces hemet

·    Invisible Braces: Invisible braces, sometimes known as Invisalign, are the most expensive of all braces, but also the most desirable so no one can see them. They’re less risky than other types of braces as well.

Your dentist can provide more information about all of the types of braces above and help you choose the best option for your dental health needs. Braces help bring back the smile that you miss, even as an adult, so long as you choose the best option for your dental health needs.