Printing Tips We Should All Know

When it comes to printing it can be a very expensive proposition both in time and supplies.  This is why you want to make sure that everything that you print needs to be printed and is setup to be optimized for the best use of materials.  One of the most popular tools in printing is the doctor blades for flexo printing.  These blades remove excess ink from your project allowing to be saved and recycled.

doctor blades for flexo printing

Do a visual inspection before you print

Before you hit the print, button make sure that everything that is going to be printed is what you want to have printed.  More often than not there will be a times changes are needed, different paper wanted, and the information contained just fall flat.  Before you hit the print, button make sure it is what it is you want.

Print on the right materials

With print we now have the power to print on any type of materials that we can think of.  With some printer we can print on paper, glass, metal, products such as mugs, shirts and more.  The process of printing is fairly simple but before you go off and print on anything, make sure that your printer can print on that item.

Use digital proofs

Before you go out and do a massive print run, consider working with digital proofs.  With a digital proof we can virtually print onto objects see the results.  If we need to make an adjustment, we can take a step back in the printing process, make that adjustment and then follow through with another digital proof.  Once your digital proofs look good then you can do a small test run to see if the results match up before doing a full mass run.