Do Your Beauty Supplements Really Work?

The beauty industry has told us beauty supplements are a must-have for years, but do they even really work? These vitamins are said to help your teeth, hair, nails, and skin. Depending on which formula you purchase, it may assist in strengthening teeth, growing out hair or nails, aid in fighting acne, etc.

We all know a healthy salad or wrap filled with protein and fresh veggies is ridiculously better than say, a burger and side of fries from your favorite fast food joint. We need the nutrients the veggies contain, and the protein feeds our muscles (and skin, hair, nails).

But how often do you opt for the quicker, cheaper option? Don’t worry, I’m guilty of it, too.

Unfortunately, these habits have made a lot of Americans vitamin-deficient. Even more unfortunate is that many don’t realize they’re deficient, which can lead to some serious side effects.

How Deficiencies Affect Beauty

It’s common knowledge how a deficiency in one vitamin or another can affect your health, but what about your beauty? Just a few common examples include:

  • Thin, brittle nails which may be discolored
  • Dull, lackluster skin that may suffer breakouts, pallor, flushing, etc.
  • Thinning hair which may fall out or suffer breakage
  • Thin enamel on teeth, chipped teeth, yellowed smile, cracked lips

How Supplements Are Supposed to Help

The beauty supplements found in every drug store and grocery chain in the country are meant to replace vitamins you might be lacking, which, in turn, is supposed to reverse the effects mentioned above. Some come with “extra benefits” like weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, etc.

The ingredients found in these are supposed to work together for maximum results. For example, biotin, which makes hair strong, might be paired with fish oil, which makes hair shiny.

They Don’t Work for Everyone

Unfortunately, these supplements are not the be-all, end-all they’re touted to be. They do work for some people, like those who have issues affecting their ability to absorb necessary nutrients from natural sources. For the average Joe or Jane, however, they just don’t do much.

There is a bright side, though.

If you’ve been taking beauty supplements to enhance your appearance, they haven’t been found to be intrinsically bad for you. If you aren’t looking for a miracle, you can keep taking them if you really desire. Just ensure you’re opting for those which are 100% natural, as these vitamins aren’t properly regulated by the FDA.

Things Which Do Work

Professionals definitely help. A good manicure can help make your nails look their best, and regular dental visits will improve the health of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists are a good option too. Tiger Smile Dental in Baton Rouge offers cosmetic dentistry that can make teeth cleaner, stronger, brighter, and whiter.

There are also some ways to naturally boost your beauty on your own that work as well. For example:

  • Breaking a sweat can help detox pores – whether through exercise or a sauna.
  • Eating a varied, healthy diet helps beauty and health.
  • Staying hydrated will help your skin look great.
  • Micro-trim your hair every few months to avoid split ends causing further damage to follicles.
  • Avoid heat styling like straightening or blow drying.
  • Get the suggested 8 hours of nightly sleep to improve your body’s ability to take care of itself.
Helen C. Lyons

Helen C. Lyons

Hello! I’m Helen, and I’m bringing you everything and anything related to beauty and skin care. In my quest for beauty, I have learned along the way that taking care of your skin does not have to be expensive. There are actually a lot of practical ways to maintain a simple and cheap beauty and skin care routine. I will be sharing them with you as I try each of them out and I hope you can learn from them.

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